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The Ohio Valley has a rich history with basketball and we want to continue that legacy in our state-of-the-art sports complex. Maybe we will find our next John Havlicek (8x NBA Champion born in Martins Ferry, Ohio) playing on one of our six indoor basketball courts. Highlands Sports Complex is here for boys and girls of all ages - with leagues, camps, and development classes for everyone.

Basketball in Wheeling, WV

Wheeling might not have a professional basketball team, but you wouldn't know this if you were visiting. Drive down the street and it will be hard for you to see an empty basketball court. We love basketball and we support teams from all across the nation. Whether you were a Bull's fan in the 80s or love your NCAA WVU Mountaineers - we embrace your fandom and want you to come play with us.

The Ohio Valley Athletic Conference states that there are more than 40 schools in the Upper Ohio Valley - many having very successful basketball programs. Many of these high school athletes start playing at an early age at local gymnasiums and recreation courts.

Highlands Sports Complex welcomes you to join us and become the next basketball star.

Basketball Facilities and Gymnasium at Highland Sports Complex

You can enjoy the sport you love year-round. With six indoor basketball courts, you won't have to sit in the stands waiting for your turn. Lace-up your sneakers and get to playing.

Our hardwood basketball courts help improve the overall game – floating hardwood maple courts offer ultimate surface in terms of overall ball responsiveness and playability. Our courts not only look beautiful, they are also designed with player's safety in mind. Our courts provide natural shock absorbing qualities and excellent traction for increased player safety.

We also provide excellent experiences for the fan. With bleachers and seating spread across the entire fieldhouse and on the 2nd-floor mezzanine, you will never have to worry about obstructed views and missing out on that last-minute 3-point shot.

More Things To Do for Families

There are no limits for who can use our fieldhouse. Highlands Sports Complex location is ideal for travelers and for West Virginia residents. Our sports facility is family-friendly and can keep the kids busy while the parents cheer on their star-athlete. The arcade, batting cages, indoor turf, outdoor field, and play climb are great ways for the siblings to play while or after the big game.

You can always learn more about the facilities and things to do at Highlands Sports Complex by visiting Family Fun.

Basketball Activities at Highlands Sports Complex

Basketball is a sport for everyone. Parents can bring their junior athletes to participate in a camp or can run up and down the court in an Adult League. We help develop the skills of our youth so they can be high school stars - and we want to help our high school stars remain active well into adulthood.

Youth Basketball

You may have a basketball hoop installed in your driveway, but it's unlikely that you have a professional coach ready to teach you the fundamentals before dinner. We understand the importance of teaching our youth athletes the fundamentals so they can excel, play safe, and have fun.

Youth Basketball Development Classes

If this is your child's first time holding a basketball, that's okay with us. We have youth basketball development classes from ages five to fourteen. Our instructional basketball classes are designed to make sure all youth players are learning the fundamentals of basketball - shooting, passing, hand/eye coordination...and even conditioning.

Our basketball development classes tend to be multiple-week courses with a selected day/time.

Learn More about our Youth Basketball Development Classes.

Youth Basketball Camps

Our basketball camps are designed to help increase your skills under the supervision of professional coaches and instructors. If you want your young athlete to test out basketball, our basketball camps are perfect for you. Boys and girls are welcome to join a camp to improve their game.

Basketball camps are offered in sessions and separated by ages. Our camps have limited quantity and are offered on selective dates.

Learn More about our Youth Basketball Camps.

Youth Basketball Leagues

Put your skills to the test and be part of our youth basketball leagues. Increase your ability with every game, but also learn how to be an effective teammate. Youth basketball will have your young athlete learning valuable life-lessons - on and off the court.

Our facility is the perfect location to schedule your league and not have to worry about weather or places for parents to park. Our indoor courts, concessions, and seating make it a win-win for parents and children.

Learn More about Youth Basketball Leagues at Highlands Sports Complex.

Adult Basketball

If you are anything like most of the staff at Highlands Sports Complex, nothing feels better than a competitive game of basketball with your friends. Maybe it's been a while since you tried your crossover or maybe you are the next WNBA star - either situation, we want you to come play on our court.

Adult Basketball Leagues

If you miss the feeling of competitive basketball, we invite you to come join an adult league. Highlands Sports Complex is a perfect place to play, stay active, and stay safe. Our trained officials and scorekeepers help make sure every shot counts. The floating maple hardwood floors provide natural shock-absorbing qualities and excellent traction.

The basketball courts at Highlands Sports Complex are made for you to test your adult skills - while not making you pay for it in the morning.

Learn more about our Adult Basketball Leagues.