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The love of softball starts young and starts here at Highlands Sports Complex. Our softball programs are designed to teach and engage the youth of the Ohio Valley.

Children from Wheeling - break-in that glove and get ready to play at our state-of-the-art facility. Whether you are brand new to the sport or a seasoned veteran, we provide you with the resources to help you pitch faster, throw further, and hit harder.

Little League Softball and the Ohio Valley

When you hear little league, we know you think about baseball. But baseball is not the only sport in town. Softball has grown to one of the most popular sports in America. Over 40 million Americans will play at least one softball game during the year. Maybe you are playing a game at the family picnic or you are signed up to a recreational league, softball will be in your future.

I bet you think that softball was invented as an offshoot of baseball. A little known fact is that softball was created because of football. Oddly enough, the inventors of softball were waiting for the results of a football game and started hitting a boxing glove with a stick. This was the birth of Softball.

Today we have many schools around the Ohio Valley that have very successful softball programs. Much like little league baseball, softball is integrated into our culture as children and we continue to play as adults.

Softball Facilities at Highlands Sports Complex

There is no need to drive around and find an open field to train. We offer the most advanced softball facilities at Highlands Sports Complex. Work on your infield skills without worrying about diving around in the dirt. Our 88,000 square foot turf is a perfect place to toss back and forth.

Our pitching tunnels are designed to improve your overall pitching skills and help young pitchers take command of every throw. This hassle-free, safe, controlled environment makes it easy to get in your reps without wasting time and energy.

The batting cages at Highlands Sports Complex are an effective way for you to increase your hitting and hand-eye coordination. Successful batting takes practice and repetition. Our enclosed batting cages make it easy for your high school athlete, little leaguer, or a grown adult to get in some reps.

Pitching and Batting are important, but you also need to be conditioned to be a success. Take advantage of our softball training center, which includes batting cages/pitching tunnels, turf space, and softball equipment – such as pitchers’ mounds, L screens, and other training aids. We provide equipment on site that helps take your training to the next level. Hit harder and run faster while training at Highlands Sports Complex.

More Things To Do for Families

There are no limits for who can use our facility. Highlands Sports Complex location is ideal for travelers and for West Virginia residents. Our sports facility is family-friendly and there’s something for everyone. Hit up the arcade or play climb areas while others are training in the batting cages.

You can always learn more about the facilities and things to do at Highlands Sports Complex by visiting Family Fun.

Softball Activities at Highlands Sports Complex

We are ready to play softball all year round. The benefit of training and playing at Highlands Sports Complex is our indoor and outdoor options. Rain or shine, you can sharpen your skills at our softball facilities.

Youth Softball

Youth Softball is not just about playing games and learning skills, but it's about building life lessons and creating memories. Sitting in the dugout with friends or playing catch with your dad will forever be lasting memories - all starting with softball.

Youth Softball Development Classes

Learn the importance of teamwork and communication while having a good time. Our Youth Softball Classes help build the fundamentals of throwing, catching, and hitting. We have classes for ages 6-14 with varied focused skillsets.

Our softball development classes tend to be multiple-week courses with a selected day/time.

Learn More about our Youth Softball Development Classes.

Youth Softball Camps

Our softball camps help develop skills in pitching, catching, hitting, base running, defense, and more. Our camps can help you hone your skills and get your ready for high school/travel team play.

Softball camps are offered in sessions and separated by ages. Our camps have limited quantity and are offered on selective dates.

Learn More about our Youth Softball Camps.

Youth Softball Leagues

Softball was invented as an indoor game and we bring that tradition forward. Our indoor softball leagues will focus on developing young athletes into well-rounded players. Our program is designed to install a sense of enjoyment for playing softball in a competitive environment.

Youth Softball Leagues (sometimes referred to as Little League Softball) are designed for boys and girls from ages 8-12.

Learn more about our Youth Softball Leagues.